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Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012
?????Epson WorkForce 840 Color Ink Jet Wireless All-in-One with Fax Superior Performance
World's fastest two-sided printing All-in-One�. Packed with intelligent and resource-saving features such as two-sided printing, scanning, copying and faxing, 500-sheet paper capacity, and easy wireless network connectivity. When you're on the go, print directly from smartphones and other mobile devices.

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Epson WorkForce 840 Color Ink Jet All-in-One |Print|Copy|Scan|Fax|Wi-Fi

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 Technical Details              

World's Fastest All-in-One - save time with the world's fastest two-sided print speeds

Speed through critical documents - ISO print speeds of 15 ISO ppm (black) and 9.3 ISO ppm (color)

High-speed faxing in black and color - as fast as 3 sec per page; speed dial storage up to 60 numbers; fax

Latest generation Wi-Fi CERTIFIED built-in Easy Epson Wi-Fi makes wireless setup, networking and printing fast and easy

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Excellent all-in-one printer!,
Upon opening the package I was a bit taken aback at how big and heavy this printer is. Compared to my (now relatively) small Canon Pixma ip6000d (which I love).

But this printer has filled a big void that the Canon could not: all in one printing AND instantaneous two-sided printing.

Installation: The installation and set-up is very easy. Just follow the instructions, install the drivers, and software, and you're ready to go. Don't forget, however, to readjust your settings in Control Panel--> Printers and Faxes (right click for properties) to a permanent model (i.e. I always have it set to two sided printing, minimal ink use, and print last page first) so that I get everything the way I want to, right away. If you don't do that, then you'll be stuck having to switch it manually every time you print it out of Word; which gets annoying real fast.

Design: This is a very sleek looking machine that looks very professional. The touch screen is really a smart-screen. Meaning: when I'm trying to choose options manually on the printer it only lets me choose those that are actually available based on all the previous steps I have taken to get to the current screen. However, I will not be using the touch screen a lot, if ever, as I can do everything right from my computer with the software provided, which is much easier and more convenient (both of the other printers I've had I've also avoided the more primitive screens).

Printing Speed: This is a very fast printer (it's obviously not as fast as the monstrous and expensive ($25,000) laser printer at my former place of work), but it's certainly the fastest inkjet I've encountered (a claim they boldly state). I print two sided pages all of the time, 1000's of them, and I can't tell you what and incredible relief it is to be able to have a double sided page come right out, instead of waiting for the odd pages to print, then sticking back the pages in the right order into the cassette in my Canon, and waiting for the even pages to print on the other side. If however, you print high quality pictures, I can't say that this is that much faster than my Canon, maybe just a bit, but it is certainly better quality.

Scanner: I can't say that the scanner is anything special here, it's like anything else. The quality is top notch at the highest settings, but, as with any scanner, you might as well brew a pot of coffee while you get that high quality image saved to a hard drive that can hopefully sustain it (especially if you've got lots of images to scan); I see no reason to scan at the highest quality setting for most every-day page-text; and in this scenario it's lightning fast. The biggest advantage of this printer versus a traditional lift-lid-scan printer is that, thanks to the feeder, you can actually go ahead and brew that coffee and do something else while the printer (without glitches so far) scans and the faxes and/or downloads to the computer and/or copies the paper/pictures/etc for you, without you having to sit there and manually input every single **** ****....bad memories...

Fax: The fax is just like any printer with a fax option; you simply enter in all of your information and away you go. A test fax was received and sent very easily, but without any additional flair. Did you seriously expect the scanner and fax options in an all-in-one printer to somehow be revolutionized in the span of the last 5 years (when I had my last all-in-one printer)? NOTE: A phone cable is included, BUT if you use DSL, make sure you have an extra filter, or get one from your ISP.

Paper (free sample comes included, yay!): This isn't about actually the paper you use, but rather, the really awesome cassette system in this printer! There's two cassettes! That's one more than I had before and it made me feel giddy inside! Then, I realized, I only use one type of paper. Oh well, at least for some of you this will be important. I used to send a lot of mail and hated switching out the paper and envelopes, a printer like this would've solved that hassle. Again, so far, no glitches or jams; but this is actually the least you should expect as modern printers rarely glitch if they're any good.

Ink (B/W and color included right away): Epson claims instant dry inks. So what? My experience with printers isn't vast, but the two other inkjet printers I have (Canon's ink only costing $2-$5 for a cartridge the same size as Epson's), print dry as well as long as you use the right paper. And, too touch base on the whole cost of ink issue, Epson loses me here big time. I have been spoiled by my Canon, which has cost me over the last several years a grand total of $50 in ink ($25 of which is still sitting on a shelf, unused); and I print literally thousands upon thousands of pages every year. Roughly the same capacity ink cartridge ($2-B/W and $4-5- Color in Canon) runs you a whopping $28 for B/W (the B/W Epson cartridge is twice as large but the color one is the same)!!! I obviously haven't printed as many pages with this printer yet, but I sure as heck hope that cartridge lasts for several years, even though, based on size, it doesn't really look like it. Regardless, I just wait and pray for OEM cartridges that will be much cheaper sometime in the future. If anyone reading this knows of any, please comment.

Wireless: No more cords! Ah, I can't tell you how many times my cords from the printer knocked my speakers off of the desk! You have to install the software on every computer that will be using the printer wirelessly. This is really not a hassle and a much better option to have in an office and multi-computer household than a printer for every computer or having to walk over to a computer with a printer and kick your relative off of the computer because you need to print something really fast. The set-up of the wireless network is really easy; just follow the on-screen instructions, I had no hassle.

MAC USERS: I use a PC (please don't rate me negatively because of it :-), but anything Mac-exception related in the instructions was covered well by Epson, and I read over those parts and there didn't seem to be anything major or important to note other than you having to follow a slightly different set of instructions every now and then to set everything up.

Overall: I rate this product a 5, because, despite the cost of ink, it really is easy to use, hassle free, and saves me a lot of trouble and time that I had experience with other printers before.

Who this printer is for: Office or home office users who need a helping hand from a machine to speed things along, automatize, and network certain processes so you can focus on other things after giving your command. Also, those unconcerned with the potential large costs of ink; if you print a lot.

Who this printer is not for: If all you need is to print paper (no reason to scan or fax, or not very often), and can handle the "rigors" of having to switch paper in and out when doing double sided printing, then don't waste your dime here. Get something cheaper in cost and cheaper in ink.

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